We’re all in this together

Namaste, y’all!


This is the band speaking. We’re in a transitional phase at the moment, since we’re just coming out of a pretty lengthy tour and going into the studio next week. Since we’re very much in the middle of things, we’ve all put our heads together, and decided that we’re going to be making a fairly big change.


We’ve always been releasing music independently. That’s something that has never changed, and won’t be changing in the future. We love being able to decide what to record, when to record it, and how to distribute it. So, the way we make our music isn’t going to be changing.

On the other hand, the way we’ve paid for our recording and performing costs has tended to be more orthodox. We have come up with set sticker prices for all our CDs and other merch at the gigs and on the website, and we’ve done the same thing for concert tickets.


Up until now, that’s all seemed fairly set in stone. However, we’ve all been passing around Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking, and it’s got us thinking seriously about why we take set prices for granted. Sure, there’s an element of stability to the set price, since you theoretically know how many CDs or how many tickets you’re going to sell. On the other hand, we can never be sure how many of those theoretical tickets or CDs will actually get picked up by our listeners, so that’s not exactly a sure bet.


We’ve been thinking about what our goals have been in developing a strong fan base and strong connection with our community. It only makes sense to live that fully and move to a more collaborative way to fund all this.


We could try to explain it ourselves, but Amanda Palmer says it so much more eloquently in her TED talk:




So, starting at our next gig (TBA), we’re going to be going all-in on crowdfunding and pay-what-you-want. Yes, this is a big jump, but we trust you all more than words can say, and we think this will make us more responsive to your needs and wants as listeners and patrons. You will be able to pay whatever feels right to you, or whatever works for you at the time, both for recordings and for concert tickets. This is obviously going to take some logistical planning, but we’ve got our web person coming up with some options as we speak. We’re also working on all sorts of new ideas for what a Coit concert could be, including bringing juicers and a portable yoga studio on the road with us! Stay tuned.

Basically, we want this whole adventure to be as inclusive as possible. We want you involved every step of the way, and we think this is the best way to extend our family to its widest potential and to make it work for everyone involved.
Let us know what you think-we can’t wait to start this next phase of our evolution, and we hope you’re excited too!